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Mawaru Penguindrum Dressing Room


Wherever your character may be (at school, work, in the bathtub with a rubbery ducky? The possibilities are endless, really...) they will randomly hear a voice call out "SURVIVAL STRATEGY". Immedietly followed by a magical and musical sequence loaded with headache inducing images like brightly colored stars and symbols, before landing on a strange bare platform. Everything around them is suddenly white and empty. There's a sign over head that reads "Penguindrum Station 01" above a subway entrance turnstile. This is the starting point for your character. With no clue as to how they arrived here or how to leave, they are forced to venture forward and into the subway station. There's a large map detailing some familiar(?) places that the subway can access. Maybe there are some answers as to what the heck is going on at one of them? Nothing left to do but pick a destination and board the subway to find out!

Welcome to Penguindressing.
A dressing room for characters from the Mawaru Penguindrum fandom.


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A gift that keeps on giving

T H A N K S (◕ ◡ ◕) G I V I N G !

A day for giving thanks! I'm so thankful for the wonderful friends I've made over the past year! You are all such lovely, kind people and I want to show my thanks for everything you've done over the course of the past year!


.•° Manga panels : 1 large panel, or 2 medium sized panels, or 3 small panels.
.•° Icons : 10 graphics for icon cropping, or 5 base icons for coloring.
.•° MISC : IDK. If you don't want icons or coloring or both just tell me what you want okok. I will make it happen. Except don't ask for a big big house with a big big car. I'm just a commoner.

Feel free to combine coloring and icons. Example: You want one medium sized panel colored and then 3 base icons colored. I would be fine with this! Be creative okay, I'm just listing some basic things I could do for you guys.

If you request a panel for coloring, please be sure the scans are High Quality! After all, the better the quality of the scan, the better the quality of the over all coloring at the end. Manga Traders has a vast amount of highquality scans for many different genres of manga. It's free to register and then you can download the manga by book/chapter! (That's where I download the majority of my manga from.)


I <3 N e r d s . . .

Jewelry Wonderland /o/

Hello my fellow Alice in Wonderland derpers B) I have something I wish to share with you all~

I was in Claires the other day shopping with my niece Brionna when I stumbled upon one extremely cute necklace by chance. Or PURE FATE as I like to call it |D;
Hanging on a wall infested with hundreds of more necklaces (if you've ever been in Claires you know what I mean) was one necklace in the shape of a tiny bottle. said bottle caught my eye so to get a closer look I pulled it off the hook to inspect it. It's then I noticed the tiny message inscribed on the front "Drink Me".

I literally flipped out and started squeeing in happiness! Why? Because it's Alice in Wonderland related of course! And I'm a total dork for anything like that! also has an AIW heart key necklace-- i mean

So I payed the loverly price of $8.99 with my babysitting money and bought it for myself and wanted to share it with you, flist *^*

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